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  • The view from above is stunning... and is best captured from a high wing aircraft capable of stabilized slow flight--our Cessna 182 with retractable gear is the ideal platform.

  • Coastal Sky Taxi works exclusively with Jessica Crabill Photography, a true professional and together we are an experienced team.

  • We specialize in real estate listing photos, capturing a variety of angles to highlight waterfront access to bodies of water, proximity to neighbors and location realative to major landmarks. Indivudal properties, estates, homes, farms and businesses are often better appreciated from an aerial viewpoint.


Big events can be captured from above,  as well as, more intimate private parties.  We cater to individuals and larger organizations.


Yachts look best went under sail in open bodies of water.  Allow us to take the perfect shot highlighting your vessel in motion. We have a range of experience and can accomodate most requests.  Send inquiries below.

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