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  • Where is Coastal Sky Taxi based?
    Hummel Field in Topping, VA (W75). My hangar address is 140 Campbell Drive, Topping, VA 23169. By car, it's about one hour east of Richmond, 2 hours north of Norfolk or 3 hours south of the DC area.
  • Where can I fly?
    Coastal Sky Taxi is FAA licensed to fly within the contiguous U.S. Typically we fly to your nearest airport and take you to your destination, whatever is easiest for you!
  • How much does a Charter Flight cost?:
    Generally $500/hour for the whole plane (can be split amongst 3 passengers). However, each case is unique, so please send me an email to get an accurate quote.
  • How early do I need to show up for my flight?
    5 minutes early is plenty!
  • How many bags can I take, is there a weight limit?"
    There are no restrictions on quantity of bags, but there is a weight limit. Generally this is not an issue, but is still checked on a case by case basis. Here is an example: 3 passengers (each weighing 200 pounds) can take 145 pounds of baggage (total) and we can fly for over 2 hours, or roughly 300 nautical miles.
  • Can my pet fly with me?
    Yes! All well behaved pets are welcome. Each pet's needs are unique, so be sure to let us know if you intend to bring an animal or two so we can plan appropriately.
  • Is there heat or A/C in the plane?  What should I wear?
    There is no A/C, however, once we are moving the outside air is used to cool the interior. The outside air becomes significantly cooler as we climb to altitude. ​ There is heat for the entire cabin. Wear whatever is comfortable, we can adjust the cabin climate to your liking.
  • Is it noisy in the cabin?
    Yes, but you won't notice. Each passenger is given Bose noise cancelling headsets. This allows us to talk together and makes it very quiet inside the cabin.
  • Is there a lot of turbulence?
    Generally, no. You may notice a little bumpiness soon after takeoff or upon approach because of thermals radiating from the ground, but not always. At cruising altitudes the air is very smooth.
  • Do I need to wear an Oxygen Mask?
    No, we won't cruise above 10,000 feet.
  • What is normal cruising altitude?
    Generally between 4,500-9,500 feet, however, on shorter flights we may cruise as low as 1,500 feet.
  • How long does it take to get to....?
    General rule of thumb is a quarter of the driving time. If it takes you 3 hours to drive to the Outer Banks, we can get you there in 45 minutes. ​ The plane cruises at 150 knots (~175 mph) and does not contend with stop lights, winding roads, speed limits or traffic jams. ​
  • How is the aircraft maintained?
    This aircraft is maintained to scrupulous specifications set forth by and overseen by the FAA. The entire plane is inspected every 100 hours by an FAA inspection authority. Propellor, engine, governor and other crucial parts are given life limits based on years or hours of operating time.
  • Can I bring my camera?
  • Are cell phones allowed to be on during flight?
    Yes, but you won't have a signal. Above 1000' or so, cell towers are usually ineffective.
  • Can I bring food or drinks?  Alcohol?
    Feel free to bring food or drinks that have a sealable lid. Alcohol can be arranged with advance warning, please inquire.
  • Can we fly at night?
    Yes, Coastal Sky Taxi is certified to fly at night under VFR conditions (VFR-Visual Flight Rules)
  • What weather conditions could cancel a flight?
    Limited visibility (fog, low cloud levels, or moderate to heavy rain), thunderstorms, and icing (freezing rain, sleet) are all weather conditions that could cause a delay or cancellation. ​ Aviation weather forecasts are used to stay ahead of potential weather conflicts before they become a problem. This allows passengers to implement "plan B" or reschedule for another time. Safety is a priority on every flight. ​
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Please allow two days of warning if you need to cancel. Cancellations inside of 48 hours are dealt with on a case by case basis, however, full loss of deposit (50% on flights over $300) is possible. If the flight must be cancelled due to weather, a full refund will be given.
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