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Tangier Island Flight Packages:

Island Taxi:
Need to be dropped off or picked up fromTangier Island?  Or maybe you just want to land on Tangier Island, kiss the ground, and head home!  This flight is direct from Hummel Airport to Tangier Island with less than 5 mins of ground time before returning back to Hummel.  20 minute flight each way with a quick turn between.
Tangier Quick Tour:
20 min flight over, 20 min golf cart tour, and 20 mins back. Total of 1 hour! Tangier's favorite local tour guide will pick us up at the airport for a golf cart tour of the entire Island! Learn the history, hear the language, and soak in the beauty of this one of a kind culture. Truly a unique way to appreciate Tangier from air and land when time is of the essence.  (golf cart tour included in price)
Tangier Relaxed Tour:
Roundtrip flight to the Island +20 Minute Golf Cart Tour
+ 1 extra hour of Island time for Lunch or Exploring.
Same as "Quick Tour" above, plus an extra hour to meander.     
(golf cart tour included in price, however, lunch is not)
Tangier Custom Tour:
$325 for Flight +$100 per hour of time on the Island.

Add Golf Cart Tour  $40

Flights depart from Hummel Airport in Topping, VA.  Hangar address is: 140 Campbell Drive, Topping, VA  23169
What if I don't want to depart from Topping, VA? 
No problem!! We can pick you up closer to home! 
Areas we service frequently include:

Eastern Shore


DC area

Hampton Roads

Outer Banks


Final Approach Into

Tangier Island Airport

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