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  • No Connections

  • No Lost Luggage

  • No Security Lines

  • No Time Wasted

  • No Stress

  • Air Travel Should Always be this Easy

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Charter Flights:
  • 180 mph, zero traffic, no stop lights and literally as the crow flies. We'll get there fast. Typically 1/4 of the driving time.
  • Forget TSA lines, full body scans and showing up an hour early, 5 minutes early is plenty.
  • Bags are free and will always arrive, guaranteed.
  • Access thousands of smaller airports and arrive closer to your final destination.
  • Enjoy the window view and quiet comfort provided by Bose noise cancelling headsets.

Charter Flight Pricing

Below is handful of cities we frequently visit. 

Please click here for a custom quote.

*Price can be split by up the 3 passengers and includes all taxes and fees.  No hidden costs.

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